Tile & Grout Cleaning – Hard Surface Cleaning Professionals

Dingy Tile & Grout? Stubborn Oil in your garage or on your driveway?
Do your Surfaces need to be sanitized?

Well, with Blue Ribbon we are proud to offer all your Hard Surface Cleaning needs – business and residential! We offer professional cleaning of stone, tile and grout, concrete, and linoleum as well as shower stalls and countertops.

We use a high pressure steam cleaning method with a powerful vacuum to leave your surfaces clean and dry! Our chemical solution is applied and scrubbed in to loosen all that filthy dirt and grime, then it is rinsed and vacuumed away.

Keep It Sanitary

TileSeal your grout with our clear sealant which penetrates deep down into the grout to keep all those microbes and germs out and let the fresh and clean shine through. This service is highly recommended.

Call us here at Blue Ribbon to schedule your estimate today! Rock bottom pricing with no sacrifice to the quality of our services. Don’t forget to ask about our annual and bi-annual contract pricing!

Let’s talk about being prepared for your appointment!

1. Please remove all furniture from the surfaces you wish to be cleaned. Yes, we can help if you desire, usually at an additional cost. Be sure to discuss this when scheduling.

2. We ask that you sweep and remove all large debris. For example, paper, rocks, lint, etc. Again, we can help, but let’s keep those costs low.

3. Please make sure there is enough clearance around the surfaces scheduled to be cleaned.

Blue Ribbon and its technicians like to keep your costs low and expectations high! Please help us do so by following this list.